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Having a dental implant procedure is a permanent way to replace missing teeth but dental implants aren’t completed overnight. Your dental implant surgery will be divided up into stages, and you will need to go through a period of healing between each stage. Today we’re going to try to answer the question of how long does dental implant procedure take.


The Importance Of A Consultation Before Dental Implants

Before your dentist can commence with your dental implant procedure you need to have a consultation where he or she will see if you are a candidate. Your dentist will need to evaluate how much work needs to be done (for example: do you need a bone graft, sinus lift or tooth extractions) and then present you with a treatment plan and cost estimate that details each of the stages and how long they will take to complete. Each patient heals at a different pace so some variation is to be expected.


Dental Implants Surgery: How Long Does It Take?



Bone Grafts And Bone Smoothing

If you need a preparatory procedure like a bone graft or bone smoothing, this needs to be done in advance of the dental implant procedure. Depending on what you need to be done, this can add three to 12 months to your dental implants timeline.


Placing The Dental Implant

The surgery to place your tooth root or dental implant will only take an hour or two to complete, but once it is done, you will need to go through a healing period so that the implant can fuse to your jaw and essentially become part of your anatomy. On average this takes three to six months but could be longer, depending on how quickly you heal.


Placing The Abutment

Once your implant has osseointegrated with your jaw, it will be time to place the abutment that connects the dental implant to your dental crown. Your dentist needs to reopen the surgical site for this to occur, which means you will need another healing period of up to three months afterwards. Your dentist will fit a temporary crown over the top until it’s time to place your permanent crown.


Making The Dental Crown

While you wait for your gums to heal your dentist will make your dental crown. This could take seven days to complete but it will only be placed in the final stage of your dental implant procedure, once your dentist is satisfied with your healing.


process tooth implants longevity broadford Post-Surgical Care

By following your dentist’s post-operative care instructions you can boost your healing and recovery period and ensure your dental implants are successful. Because the implants physically bond to your jaw, it does take time to complete.

It’s a good idea to speak to your dentist before you go ahead to make sure your expectations are managed and you understand how the procedure works.


For a more personal timeline of how long does dental implant procedure take, it’s best to have a consultation with a professional. Please contact us for a convenient appointment: (03) 5749 1208.




Dental implant surgery

Dental implant procedure

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