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Dental implants are lauded as the most permanent and reliable tooth replacement out there. Most patients that are interested in getting tooth implants want to know the dental implant cost before they move ahead with treatment. The only reliable way to find out how much dental implants cost is to get a consultation at your local dental clinic. This is because your personal circumstances and risk factors need to be taken into account before you can be given a price estimate for your dental implant treatment. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to consider when it comes to the cost of dental implants.


Understanding Dental Implant Cost

factors cost implanted teethOne of the reasons it’s so difficult to get a quote for dental implant treatment before you have consulted with a dental practitioner is that every patient presents with different circumstances. Having dental implant treatment is a process that requires a number of mini procedures to be completed, and the procedures needed differ between patients. 

Another factor that makes it difficult to give the dental implants cost without seeing a patient is the fact that everyone heals differently and at different paces. 


What Factors Contribute To Your Dental Implants Cost?

Your dental implant cost will be based on factors like

  • The number of implants you need
  • Whether you need a tooth extraction or a bone graft
  • The type of implant used
  • Post-operative consultations and the rates charged by your practitioner


So How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

We’ve done some internet research to give you an estimate of what you can expect to pay for dental implant treatment. According to, dental implants cost an average of $3000 to $5500 for a simple procedure. However, if you need a sinus lift or a bone graft to support your dental implant, you could pay up to $11 500 per dental implant. Because this is such a broad price range, visiting a dentist that offers consultation is highly recommended, to give you a more accurate price estimate. 

Once you have had a dental consultation, you will be presented with a treatment plan, which will include the total cost of your implant procedure. If there are alternative options, your dentist will present them to you, along with the cost.

If you need multiple teeth to be replaced, or if you have an entire arch of missing teeth, the all on four treatment approach may be suitable for you.



Does Private Health Insurance Cover Dental Implant Cost?

Because the procedure falls under Major Dental, dental implants cost is generally not covered by private health insurance extras cover, which means you will need to pay for dental implant treatment out of pocket. 


Dental Implants Cost: Is It Worth It?

Tooth implants are still the most reliable and strongest tooth replacement option available. They can prevent further bone loss and provide a comfortable and long lasting replacement for missing teeth.


To find out more about dental implant cost, it’s best to book a dental consultation near you as soon as possible. Please contact us for an appointment: (03) 5749 1208




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